Hussle in the house is my personal favorite if RIP Nipsey Hussle shirt sweater decides to check him out. His “Bullets ain’t got no name” mixtapes got me through high school. Never listened to his music but it’s hard to see another rapper murdered in his city. I feel sick. I didn’t feel like this since X passed. I fucking hate when artists I like to die from drug addiction/overdose, but it’s a whole different feeling when they have their lives taken like this. Shot in front of his store, in front of his daughter. It’s just sickening.

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in front of his daughter.. whats wrong with this world. I remember a RIP Nipsey Hussle shirt sweater of his with dom Kennedy came on some Spotify shuffle thingy randomly for the first time and I didn’t know much about him, I looked at my roommate and said yo wtf this dude is so hard who is this. and he showed me a bunch of his stuff. RIP no one deserves to go like this. There was love and hate I’d say. Nipsey was a gangbanger but did well too for his community. He also believed in quack science and spread around a lot of misinformation on holistic bullshit that could hurt people.

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Nobody should die because of RIP Nipsey Hussle shirt sweater though. He was such a leader of men. Empowering entire communities. I’ve been listening to 17 a lot lately, and this just hits so strong combined. I didn’t know him at all but It reminds me of bad memories, the goosebumps are real, Rest In Peace. They meant to kill him, man, that shits beyond fucked, one-second ur taking a picture with a kid, next minute some evil niggas shoot u in ur head. rip to him Mann smh.


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