This is INSANE Super Daddio Super Mario Shirt! I had a tape of this episode of SMBSS. We will for sure cover this mystery as I am now fascinated by it!!!! When you’re a scriptwriter for a kids’ cartoon that’s cranking out 30 plus episodes per season, you’re bound to reuse some material you already wrote for other kids’ cartoons. Looks like both were written by J Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren. They seem to have co-written episodes for loads of shows, including Johnny Quest, Dennis the Menace, Star Trek TNG, Diagnosis Murder, Thundercats and Stargate SG1. Maybe they sneaked this episode somewhere into all of them

Super Daddio Super Mario Shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v-neck

Super Daddio Super Mario ladies tee

ladies tee

Super Daddio Super Mario tank top

tank top

Also, SMBSS and Stone Protectors were made by different Super Daddio Super Mario Shirt companies 4 years apart. Maybe they got lazy and didn’t think both would ever coincidentally air on the same morning on the same channel. It’s still very weird though. I respect this decision a lot because although my moral compass tells me reusing work is probably bad, I was a child who watched several dozen shows that were functionally identical and I’m proud that somebody beat the system and started turning in identical scripts.

Official Super Daddio Super Mario sweatshirt, hoodie

Super Daddio Super Mario sweatshirt


Super Daddio Super Mario hoodie


I’ve played them all Super Daddio Super Mario Shirt, I don’t think left / right controls work on mobiles so like auto running ones. My favorite platformer ish thing is Manuganu and Granny Smith. Just a heads up, you can get NES/SNES/GENESIS/N64/MAME emulators for android and play a lot of classic games you love. There are many good ones, the ROMS aren’t hard to find. There are on-screen controls, or you can get a USB to mini cable and use an Xbox 360 controller to play. Don’t get lost in the nostalgia!

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