I think part of the reason I didn’t like this Charlestown Chiefs Slap Shot shirt sweater was that I was lead to believe it was a fun movie about hockey with plenty of jokes and then it was about troubled relationships and depressing politics of a hockey team lead by a man who doesn’t want to deal with reality. If you like your movies with a lot of deeply personal issues, including alcoholism, neglectful parenting, and relationships, then it’s the movie for you. Especially when he falls back off the wagon with that giant bottle of Vodka.

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The ref looks like he just got out of Charlestown Chiefs Slap Shot shirt sweater weekly Barbershop Quartet meeting. There were so many people here for Mighty Ducks but pretty much nobody for this one. I tend to watch the movie, then comment, so know that someone else is here in spirit. Goon does a much better job dealing with fighting in hockey than Slapshot does IMO. I wandered off when the replay of Game 4 against the Wild started. The ranting is top-notch though. Someone asked him why he didn’t ask her and he said that she was perfect and that if she watched Slap Shot and hated it.

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He’d have to stop dating her because Charlestown Chiefs Slap Shot shirt sweater loved the movie. He just didn’t want to ruin their relationship. Alright, to not break the flow of things I did this. What I believe to be the final list has this as today’s movie, not Goon. So here we are. You post incorrect movie thread, you go to the box. You feel shame. you know, then you get free and post correct movie thread. I don’t run around blaming guys who can ban me. I’m already suffering pretty bad hockey withdrawal as it is.


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