I (34 F) am in the midst Bee Kind Flower Funny Shirt of breast cancer treatment and it was so wonderful to read this. One of the hardest things for me lately, as I recover from surgery and weigh my other treatment options (a type of chemo, radiation therapy or not, etc.), is facing my own mortality. It’s tough to really appreciate the brevity of one’s own life, to find and make meaning. This helped me and made me smile. Thank you for sharing your dad with me. Best of luck with all your future endeavors!

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I wish you the best in these trying times Bee Kind Flower Funny Shirt, I hope there are enough sources of positivity in your life despite the disease. Had stage 1 and stage 0 in 2011. Lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and fat grafting into my dent. Turning 54 in two weeks and it’s like it never happened, except it did. It changed me for the better. I don’t want it again if I’m glad it happened for a million reasons. It’s an endurance event that went longer than any race I ever did. It still happens every day for me.

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You are so much tougher Bee Kind Flower Funny Shirt than you know until you go thru the event. Be Badass. Every day is badass. Mark it on your calendar when each thing is going to happen and then cross it off as a day passes. It’s a day that carves you into something new and amazing. Thanks. Needed to hear that. I love the last sentence. Just had double mastectomy recently and feeling carved. But I’m feeling like I am something new through all this and its something better from deep within.

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