I just posted an LGBT Baby Yoda Hug Grateful Dead shirt sweater kinda based on the eyes of the world jam if anyone is interested in listening. Jerry kills the music never stopped early and the sugared to follow is spectacular. Also, this is one of the only periods where they do the crazy descending chromatics during the dancing in the street jam and the whole bad is actually paying attention lol. Good suggestion. I feel like you should start with live shows to “get it” but those studio albums are great for dipping your toes into their catalog.

LGBT Baby Yoda Hug Grateful Dead shirt sweater, ladies tee, tank top, v neck

tank top

ladies tee

Agreed. I’d prioritize my LGBT Baby Yoda Hug Grateful Dead shirt sweater suggestion over the studio albums, personally. Some of the best and most explorative dead music I’ve never heard. This show also defines and era music as the other two recommended. All you have to do is slide on the headphones, listen to Morning Dew from the Cornell set, and you’ll be hooked, chasing that feeling for the rest of your life I probably listened to that tape hundreds – if not thousands of times. In fact, I think it never left my car stereo for several years.

Official LGBT Baby Yoda Hug Grateful Dead sweater sweatshirt, hoodie



You know there must have some people who had just finished swallowing an LGBT Baby Yoda Hug Grateful Dead shirt sweater chunk of brown acid, about an hour before that announcement. It’s just coming on and that’s what they hear. Long Strange Trip is pretty hit and miss. Good stuff along the way if you love the dead, but weak sauce if you don’t know them. Thanks for asking this. I’ve been wondering the same thing. They have an overwhelming amount of material lol.


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