Men were expected to wear their hair long in a ponytail until they battled their first enemy and were permitted to wear it in a topknot. Warriors also wore pigtails and bangs. Women wore their hair long and loose until marriage, when it would be styled in braids to mark the Vegas golden knights hockey logo shirt But I will love this change. I particularly love the Incan braids, woven through with multiple colorful fabrics—something which we’re seeing so much of today. Colorful woven braids for women and long hair for men remain popular in regions of Latin America, but I think we can all think quite clearly of Frida Kahlo when we imagine woven braids, and today we see interpretations of the style across the globe. It’s also a fun isolation hairstyle to experiment with and distract from roots and grown-out styles! It feels particularly timely that the Aztecs, as well as many other early civilizations, used whatever they had around them to create products and treatments for their hair. Hello, ancient avocado masks!”

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“Much of early Japanese culture was dictated by China, but by this point (the Vegas golden knights hockey logo shirt But I will love this early 1600s), Japan had rejected this influence to create their own culture. New wealth and a boom in industry meant there was a new class of women driving fashion and trends, with the money and time to spend on creating increasingly elaborate and beautiful styles. The Edo period was a golden era for Japanese hairstyles, with elaborate looks featuring sculptural shapes and an abundance of accessories: combs, ribbons, hair sticks, flowers, and more. There’s so much beautiful inspiration to be found and a lot of diversity in terms of structures—although as is generally the way, these tended to be dictated by your age, marital status, and social class. The shimada was extremely popular and similar to a chignon: It sees hair drawn back into a knot made up of several sections and dressed out into elaborate shapes, finished with fabrics or accessories. The precision, detailing, and meanings behind the vast variety of shimada [looks] is fascinating, as is the seemingly endless array of decorations used on these styles.


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