“It’s hard not to love the Together we rise hand LGBT shirt and I love this rebellious, DIY nature of punk hair—a total rejection of everything society deemed acceptable that created results which really hadn’t ever been seen before in history. It was only relatively recently that women had been ‘allowed’ to cut their hair short, and to now be shaving your head and dyeing it is about the most creative, imaginative, and fingers-up-to-the-world possible for kids in normal circumstances. These hairstyles were confrontational, angry, and impossible to take your eyes off. The style we probably most associate with punk is the mohawk, dyed in unnatural shades of neon colors. A prime example of peacocking, this cut doesn’t just demand to be looked at, but also embodies the complete and utter disregard for what hair ‘should’ look like—something which feels particularly interesting when you imagine how close historically this was to the pristine glamour we associated with the ’50s and ’60s.

Together we rise hand LGBT shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

When thinking what hairstyles still have the Together we rise hand LGBT shirt and I love this ability to really make a visual statement, I think that the mohawk reigns supreme as a style that immediately aligns you with a specific subculture and personality type. I think in lockdown, hair is inevitably getting a bit DIY, and while I passionately love and support the hairdressing industry, I think this time in isolation is absolutely going to see an emergence of enforced creativity that feels pretty close to the punk movement. Brands like Bleach London feel like modern punks, showcasing rebellious DIY color, while hairstylists like Anthony Vincent and Janine Ker have made shaved heads an art form.”


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