Barajas-Román says that the Sunflower dogs you are my sunshine shirt Furthermore, I will do this Women’s Funding Network is working closely with its offices and members in almost every state in order to ensure that the women reaching out for help have connections to community shelters and other support services. They’re putting together kits for their Network members to put on their websites, and guides for women to learn about how to get help outside of the hand gesture. “It’s important for women who see the symbol to know what to do,” Barajas-Román says. “That’s where our members come in. It’s not just about calling 911—it’s a complicated issue.” Part of this campaign is also about teaching those on the other end of a call for help on what questions to ask. For example, they should ask simple yes or no questions to keep things discreet, as well as questions like: “Do you want me to reach out to you directly?” And: “Can I check in with you?”

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Barajas-Román says that they’re also working with large-scale companies like Salesforce and Facebook in order to spread awareness around the Sunflower dogs you are my sunshine shirt Furthermore, I will do this #SignalForHelp campaign. “This symbol is really a way to say ‘I see you, I’m going to help you,’” Barajas-Román says. “It’s really important that we get this message out not only around the symbol, but we want everyone to understand how they can be of help if they see it.” The Women’s Funding Network began testing the symbol about a week ago in Canada, and Barajas-Román says they have already seen some positive results in terms of getting women out of abusive homes and into safe spaces. They’re also working with RAINN and Futures Without Violence and are in consultation with other national advocacy and direct-service providers to track some of the data around the success of the symbol, which the organization says is something universal that they can put in the hands of people regardless of age, language, and culture. Says Barajas-Román, “People have responded and said that this was a tool they were looking for and that it was desperately needed.”


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