Here, Hein talks to Vogue about the John wayne riding horse for president 2020 shirt Also,I will get this pandemic, storytelling, and being “a complete optimist.” Your work suggests that you are an optimist; is that so?Yes, definitely. I think I’m a complete optimist. I also think that we artists can change the world together, and I think we can inspire a lot. I grew up in the countryside in a very small social democratic country, with hippie parents and an organic farm. I would say there was always a bit of fighting in the background for attention from my parents and from the people around me. [Eventually] you find the structure, depending on who you are as a person. If you’re negative, you’re getting a negative feeling back quite often; if you’re positive and laughing when you’re a child, you get the same thing back, more or less. It was a nice tool to learn how to be together with people when I was younger. My goal in life is actually to create more empathy and happiness in the world with small experiences [that encourage] people to explore themselves and their surroundings.

John wayne riding horse for president 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Why have you chosen to create interactive work? Many years years ago, I started to do interactive works where people somehow became the John wayne riding horse for president 2020 shirt Also,I will get this artwork. It quite often happens that you start to interact with [my works] just because you’re just close to them. You mirror yourself, or you look into the mirror and you see someone else and you get shy because you don’t want to have eye contact with someone. So there are all these small dialogues. I think that my work is positive and trying to create intimacy and openness, [to ask you to] open your heart, actually. I think this is a very political statement, although I’m not trying to be a political artist. It’s [an idea that] is very up-to-date.


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