I still can’t get over Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt shirt next door the night of the first vignette where they trashed it… until the following day, the rags started saying it was genius and full of layers… now it’s apparently the best thing on the entire show. I have little doubt in Bray Wyatt as a creative mind. I have TREMENDOUS doubt in how his mind will synch with WWE’s presentation and booking of him in combination with said mind. The bug projection was fine and fun the first time he did it. The second and third times made me want to die. Also should’ve retained.

Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt shirt, ladies tee, tank top, and v-neck

Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt tank top

tank top

Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt ladies tee

ladies tee

Orton should’ve won, followed by a double turn where Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt shirt tries redeeming himself for abandoning Harper in the pursuit of something material, meanwhile Orton goes back into vindictive heel mode. Bray would’ve won it back at some point Blame Lesnar for that. Orton winning was an apology from WWE for letting Lesnar concuss the fuck out of him Because Lesnar could have shot it down, could have changed the finish, could have done literally anything OTHER than bash Orton’s face open and damage his brain. God I want Bray to be OG Kane levels of destruction when he returns but instead what we’ll get is Bray vs Lucha House Party I hope Bray has some sort of contractual creative control over this so they can’t fuck it up if they tried. And they will try

Official Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt sweatshirt, hoodie

Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt hoodie


Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt sweatshirt


Im thinking after Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt shirt he’ll attack rollins to set up summerslam. Which will have a decent buildup but bray will lose First, there will be a feud without the title which Bray will win handily. Orton, or someone he has lost to in the past. Then there will be a feud that starts to hint at a potential title picture change. Like Bray terrorizing the new day or something like that. After months and months of investment, and hopefully not fucking everything up, I see him as WWE champion for sure. I think you’re spot on with this. Only thing I want to add is that they just brought Undertaker back and Bray is saying he is gonna finish what he started. I’m thinking that first non-title feud might be against Taker. Mercifully maybe Bray will finally retire the Phenom, and he can leave a legendary career behind before he Brett Favre’s it more than he already has with the Goldberg match.

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