One element of the Official Yeah The Girls Shirt in addition I really love this project James is keen to emphasize is that it’s simply logical. “I’m not actually very radical,” she adds. “I consider myself a pragmatic optimist. I’m not out here telling fashion retailers that they need to do this tomorrow, I’m saying there are three particular steps they can take.” Indeed, the proposition of 15% of black-owned businesses sitting on the shelves of major retailers as a direct reflection of U.S. demographics is really, as James previously put it, the bare minimum. “If you’re not hiring right now, or you have a small team that’s not very diverse, that’s okay, just speak to that,” she continues. “Acknowledge where you’re at and say like moving forward, I’m going to make every single effort to make sure I am interviewing three black candidates for every position from now on. This isn’t about cancel culture, it’s about holding each other accountable.”

Official Yeah The Girls Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

As James so clearly puts it, the Official Yeah The Girls Shirt in addition I really love this time when the fashion industry could insulate itself, or remain neutral or detached from politics, is now a thing of the past. “The real barometer of luxury today is the care that someone puts into something, and the values that a brand stands for. I’m not afraid of it, because I’m also not interested in entertaining anyone or creating for anyone that doesn’t value me as a human or my rights. I don’t want their money. I’m not a ‘sell the shoe at all cost’ type of designer, and I would never want to be. Life is too short for that.”


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