Joan Smalls has a message for fashion: Put your money where your mouth is. With today’s announcement that the Official Trump Pence Fly 2020 T-Shirt but in fact I love this supermodel plans to donate 50% of her 2020 earnings to Black Lives Matter, Smalls is among the first individuals within the industry to pledge a long-term financial commitment to the human rights movement. In a statement released on her Instagram this morning, she expressed the need for long-term change and accountability when it comes to racism and exclusivity in the industry. It was a powerful message, one she felt was necessary in light of the current climate. “When you see the world imploding you ask yourself ‘as an individual what can I do,’” said Smalls speaking over the phone from Paris. “As models, we have this incredible platform where we can create awareness. I thought if I’m going to use it, I should do so with purpose and [focus] on giving back.”

Official Trump Pence Fly 2020 T-Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Smalls was disappointed by the Official Trump Pence Fly 2020 T-Shirt but in fact I love this lack of action from brands in light of current events. After the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor anguished the nation, many fashion leaders remained silent on the issue of police brutality and racial injustice. “When you see an industry that you are part of not stand with you, it’s frustrating,” says Smalls. “This is a time when fashion should come together as a community and have our backs, yet it’s falling on deaf ears.” Moved to take action after a conversation with like-minded friends, Small felt a 50% donation was the logical next step. “So many people have suffered and died. Forget selling a product, this is about the core value of human beings,” she says. “At the end of the day, we should all want to do what is right for each other.”


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