Trump- “You don’t know her. She goes to another school. Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star Shirt looks like this post is about US Politics. Various methods of filtering out content relating to US Politics can be found here. On the bright side, this rules out senility as the underlying cause of his behavior. That’s bad news. I could accept the crazy old man excuse, but if that’s just the way he is then.. dear God. He’s a great boss, a wonderful boss. He’s also the smartest person I’ve ever met. He’s hugely intellectual. Mr. Trump always treats women with respect and his daughter Ivanka is a wonderful example of how good he is to them. His lovely, attractive, and sexy daughter.

Donald Trump 4EVA Star Shirt, tank top, v neck, ladies tee

Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star Shirt


Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star tank top

tank top

Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star v neck

v neck

His inauguration had the largest crowds. I was there. I’ve never seen crowds so big! They were the biggest! Huge! Look having nuclear – my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT. Good genes, very good genes, ok, very smart, the Wharton school of finance, very good, very smart. What’s the deal with Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star Shirt? You never hear anything about her. Ivanka is everywhere. Kinda feel bad for Tiffany. He hates Tiffany’s mom. There’s a whole lot of stuff there that I don’t feel like googling or reminding myself of. He divorced Ivana, that’s whatever. Probably in his mind, he “won” the divorce. He can’t stand Marla Maples.

Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star Sweatshirt, hoodie

Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star hoodie


Marla was caught screwing a bodyguard on Boynton Beach near Mar-a-Lago — by the cops because the beach was closed. Official Donald Trump 4EVA Star Shirt was well known by staff that she was screwing around — but so was he at the time. He owns a bunch of mansions around Mar-a-Lago and had a former Miss Florida stashed in one. They were a peachy pair. The more I hear about this guy, the more I wonder if I had something spiked and now on a wild trip. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.


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