This wasn’t exactly a surprise: My guiding principle has always been that I wanted to serve others. At the Game best dad ever happy father’s day vintage shirt Also,I will get this time, though, it wasn’t feasible for me to do that, so I worked at a few different things. I sold jewelry at Tiffany & Co., then got into the hospitality business for a while—I was a night manager of a small luxury hotel in midtown. But eventually I started volunteering in the mornings at a hospital in Brooklyn, working with people who were having congestive heart failure. I saw what the nurses were doing and got a lot of hands-on experience with patients. I started taking classes at a community college and did very well, and then found an accelerated program for people with bachelor’s degrees at the College of New Rochelle. It was a long drive from my home in Brooklyn, but it was well worth it.

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And so, at the Game best dad ever happy father’s day vintage shirt Also,I will get this age of 48, I graduated and passed the boards the first time around and found myself looking for a position at a hospital. The only jobs I could find were at a nursing home, which provided virtually no training—and I’d be completely on my own, with huge numbers of patients requiring a full range of services. Other positions, things like home health care, were very spotty—I’d get a call asking if I could come to work that night, and then they’d call me back at the last second and tell me that the person was admitted to a hospital and I wouldn’t be needed.


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