The Ghia bottle. Starting June 16, you can order Ghia online or, if you are in New York, get it at King’s new spritz window in Soho. Sober-curiosity, once a wellness buzzword, is officially a movement: 21% of American drinkers participated in Dry January last year, and sales of non-alcoholic beer are experiencing a double digit rise. In 2018, Nielsen found adult beverage sales were slowing due to “shifting demographics, stagnant wages, health and wellness trends, fewer drink-led occasions and declining big brands.” A 2019 report found that 52 percent of adults were trying to reduce their alcohol intake.

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With artisanal brands like Ghia, not drinking (or just drinking less) is only becoming more of an attractive and effortless alternative. Seedlip, another non-alcoholic spirit brand, is now served in 7,500 locations worldwide—including the Disney stitch and ducks hug philadelphia eagles shirt besides I will buy this world’s best bar, Dante. Whereas you once may have felt like an outlier ordering a mocktail, now they’re totally mainstream.


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