This sounds #9 Jeaux Freaking Burreaux shirt Sweater. I would love to be a part of this church. Instead of visiting somewhere on Sunday, you are required to call a loved one and then take mushrooms. That way you’re still a good person and mushrooms get to be had. Win-win. What do you think? I’m going to take some time and think about what the 10 acts could be. This is one of those ideas that I feel is going to take off. I like that.

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i like it. and maybe once a month members get together and go camping. have “church” in the woods, communing with nature and each other. keep  #9 Jeaux Freaking Burreaux shirt Sweaterspiritually organized while making the social bit optional and enlightening. no preaching. no tithes. no sins. no prophets. just love, unconditionally. love of nature. love of each other. maybe instead of ten commandments, we’d have the Ten Acts of Love or something of the like. it needs some work, but i like where this is going.

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I definitely like where this is going. Obviously there is no fee to join the ‘church’ and no obligation to come to the camps either. Should we look into the possibility of renaming the #9 Jeaux Freaking Burreaux shirt Sweater church to something else ? The ten acts of love are a brilliant idea. One of the acts should be about violence and how it’s always frowned upon. Where should we have our initial HQ? I’m thinking of Vancouver ? Any ideas?


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