“I’m endlessly fascinated by the Sassy and fabulous at 60 lip shirt but in fact I love this importance of hair in ancient cultures—it serves as a nice reminder that since the earliest times, humans have cared for their hair; styled it to send messages of sex, age, social, and religious status; and used products and tools to change its appearance and imitate the styles of those they admire. Within the Aztec culture we see examples of all of this: hair coloring for aesthetics, product development, and styling to signify status.

Sassy and fabulous at 60 lip shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Men were expected to wear their hair long in a ponytail until they battled their first enemy and were permitted to wear it in a topknot. Warriors also wore pigtails and bangs. Women wore their hair long and loose until marriage, when it would be styled in braids to mark the Sassy and fabulous at 60 lip shirt but in fact I love this change. I particularly love the Incan braids, woven through with multiple colorful fabrics—something which we’re seeing so much of today. Colorful woven braids for women and long hair for men remain popular in regions of Latin America, but I think we can all think quite clearly of Frida Kahlo when we imagine woven braids, and today we see interpretations of the style across the globe. It’s also a fun isolation hairstyle to experiment with and distract from roots and grown-out styles! It feels particularly timely that the Aztecs, as well as many other early civilizations, used whatever they had around them to create products and treatments for their hair. Hello, ancient avocado masks!”


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