The film was every bit as evocative and devastating as I’d heard my coworkers rapturously describe. Having studied French for six years, I found it impossible not to listen to the Official lgbt bee kind shirt but in fact I love this dialogue before comparing it to the English subtitles that subsequently flashed across the bottom of the screen. More than once, I found myself marveling at the poetic lines, and there were times when I felt that an element of dialogue had, as the saying goes, been lost in translation. It was as though the edge had been taken off the intensity of the characters’ sentiments—not unlike sitting down to a home-cooked dinner and realizing you never did add those two teaspoons of salt the recipe called for.

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Later that week, I laid awake in bed, thinking about how, after four years without practice or study, my near-fluency in the Official lgbt bee kind shirt but in fact I love this language—honed through high school and college—had plummeted to a speaking ability that was conversational at best. My reading comprehension and listening skills had fared better, as evidenced while I’d watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire, but still left plenty to be desired.


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