I’d like a nice looking case, but that’s 1619-2019 USA Map Crewneck shirt low priority and I can suck it up. So I guess the question really is, is the RAM speed going to matter? And for that matter, would it be more worth it to just swap out the 2070 for the 2080 on the original build? (Thus maintaining a lower overall cost, including mouse, keyboard, and OS, and also achieving a higher RAM speed) So it looks like in practical terms, it’s a tradeoff on RAM speed and case size for graphics – am I understanding that right?

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You have no need for ram 1619-2019 USA Map Crewneck shirt, being that you’re on intel, you could save more money and get 2133 if you would like, 2666 will barely make a difference. 2070 vs 2080 is all your choice, personally, I like max settings, aka 2080. I wonder what would be happening this week in the news that he’s trying to distract from? Oh yeah, Cohen is testifying with all the little details of Trumps pathetic life. He’s not trying to distract, he’s just impulsive and an asshole. He was doing this shit well before he ran for President. It’s just who he is. Yep, only thing different is now since he’s President we have to hear about his opinion on every little thing that appears on television. Lol he’s not smart enough to think about distracting. He’s just always got multiple shitty things going on

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Nah. Whipping up the identity 1619-2019 USA Map Crewneck shirt culture wars is the only slim chance trump has got. Lord knows no one actually likes his substantive work, personality, or results. The worst part? His supporters trust every word that comes out of his mouth without actually verifying anything themselves. He could come out tomorrow saying all air is poison and they’d start holding their breath…now we just have to figure out how to get him to say that instead of painting targets on innocent people. So a bunch of guys whose career is to reframe issues are trying to reframe this project. Not much of a surprise. I get that we are analyzing tweets here but I didn’t see much in the way of issues with substance or facts, just emotional responses.

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