Son Team Scottish Terrier Shirt, he didn’t go over there to fight and win all those medals just to be called a kraut dog. He’s an Alsatian, get it. Alsatian. I, unfortunately, am not the artist! I picked up one of the prints when I was at AnimeBoston, and thought I’d share it in an effort to promote one of our local artists. It just bothers me that in all of the fan pics. Well, it was a commission using someone’s character. He’s still fairly well-built, so it works out alright. I know what you mean though. It’s especially bad with cosplay when every lean, skinny dude decides he should be the Heavy.

Team Scottish Terrier Shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v-neck

Team Scottish Terrier ladies tee

ladies tee

Team Scottish Terrier tank top

tank top

Much too late! Muahaha Team Scottish Terrier Shirt. Though I’m not sure what we’d do with it other than go d’awwww. Mission Accomplished? Actually, I thought the fact that he’s a Dalmatian (spotty ears) was a cute gag. The little fire-starters a fire dog. Let’s guess the dogs. I don’t know what the scout is. I guess the heavy is a bulldog, the soldier is an Alsatian, pyro is a dalmatian, the demo is a Scottish terrier, the sniper is maybe an Australian cattle dog(?) and the spy is a Doberman. I don’t know what the engineer and Medicare either.

Official Team Scottish Terrier sweatshirt, hoodie

Team Scottish Terrier sweatshirt


Team Scottish Terrier hoodie


This is hands down the best thing Team Scottish Terrier Shirt I’ve seen all day. The choice in a dog with class is great and they’re still cute. I think its time to retire her. As an SD trainer, I personally know how much work and time it takes to train a dog, but a dog that has shown that amount of aggression is no longer safe IMO to work in public. Thank you for your reply. I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to that, she has been an amazing help in my daily life, but retiring her seems to be the consensus here so I will have to strongly consider that.

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    Great company to purchase. Fast and quality.

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    Great company to purchase. Fast and quality.

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