I never knew why Math is no prob-llama shirt they still added the ‘S’ at the end when abbreviating it. Yes, there are various forms of math which is the reason for mathematics but you have various forms of sciences, yet it’s ‘science’. Abbreviations don’t have to make sense; a lot of elements of language are the way they are because regardless of right or wrong, that’s simply what predominated at an earlier stage and perpetuates now because of habit.

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Take the word ‘island’ for example Math is no prob-llama shirt, it didn’t have the ‘s’ until some people drew a parallel between it and the word ‘isle’ then started misspelling it. But ‘island’ is actually a Germanic word, and ‘isle’ is a Romance word. It’s entirely possible that they’re completely unrelated words, which just coincidentally sounded the same. I also don’t like the s at the end of the full word, implying math is somehow separate disciplines lumped together when in essence they are all continuum with increasing complexity – basically a language used in various ways to express different ideas.

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And before anyone Math is no prob-llama shirt argues that it’s not, try using calculus without learning algebra first; same language, more vocabulary. Because it was translated from the Greek Mathematica which is a plural noun meaning “all the things having to do with mathematics” However, in English, we use mathematics as the name for the concept, rather than a collection, that’s why mathematics is grammatically similar. Math sounds better and is easier to say because that’s what you’re familiar with and grew up with. For me, math sounds awkward and clunky, because I grew up in a country where ‘maths’ is the standard. I don’t really have an opinion either way, but whatever you’re more familiar with is going to sound more acceptable to you.

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    I loved the shirt and it will be perfect while on a cruise over Halloween.

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