I always loved series 8 Auntie Shark Tattoos Shirt and never understood all the hate. My opinions are really similar to yours. I just prefer Flatline over Mummy and think that Kill the Moon is good, mainly for the final scene with Doctor and Clara MOTO is definitely an all-time classic, though I have a feeling that it’s already been forgotten by a lot of people.

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The Foretold was such a good Auntie Shark Tattoos Shirt, I loved the setting, Peter Capaldi was INCREDIBLE, and I even liked Foxes’ Queen cover. I used to like Flatline more (still love it), but MOTO has overtaken it easily. Absolutely with you on In the Forest of the Night, highly underrated episode. I don’t think it’s fantastic, but it was innocuous and enjoyable enough that people who put it in their Top Ten Worst lists confuse the ever-loving bejeezus out of me. And series 8 as a whole is just so strong.

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My big complaint about Auntie Shark Tattoos Shirt was that she felt like a sketch of a person surrounding a plot device, and it’s clear Moffat and the BBC took the criticisms of her they were seeing and decided to genuinely fix them – giving her a dynamic with Twelve that was genuine and not predicated on being a puzzle to solve; having a life and ambitions and relationships outside of her travels; becoming someone who would confront the Doctor when he was going too far; and finding Danny, someone equally willing to call him on his shit, who didn’t actually like the Doctor, introduced a bit of character development and tension.

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